Cách đăng bài trên zalo máy tính


Using Zalo PC helps users skết thúc images, videos, or attachments faster than the Zalo application on smartphones.In addition, you can also learn how to post status on Zalo on PC with full of interesting features like on your phone, through the simple instructions of Lucid Gen below!

The faschạy thử way to lớn post status on Zalo on PC

Zalo PC has the main functions of texting, calling, and sending files quickly.However, until now, Zalo PC has not yet supported the feature of posting status, posting stories from the computer.Therefore, you still cannot post status from the Zalo application downloaded to lớn your computer.

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But rest assured, you still have sầu a way to lớn post status on Zalo on PC, that is, khổng lồ install phone emulator software on PC/Laptop.After that, you can use your computer to lớn post status to lớn write Zalo similar lớn your phone with features such as post pictures, post videos, post status, write statuses, tag friends, insert icons inlớn posts…

Find a phone emulator on your computer

Emulator software helps computer users experience the Android operating system điện thoại thông minh space.In other words, they allow you to lớn experience thiết bị di động applications right on your PC/máy tính xách tay.

There are many Android phone emulators on your computer that you can download, such as Bluestacks, Koplayer, Noxplayer, Memuplay… And in this article, Lucidren will guide you to use Bluestacks emulator software to learn how to post status on Zalo on PC.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator application on a PC/máy tính that supports most Android operating system versions.In addition, this application also helps provide a clear, sharp visual experience và is relatively simple to lớn operate.In addition, the interface of Bluestacks is not very different from smartphones, so it is easy to use, so we chose khổng lồ guide you.

Install Bluestacks software on your computer

Step 1: Go to bluestacks.com lớn tải về the software & open it khổng lồ install. If you use macOS, you need to disable Gatekeeper first.

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Step 2:The screen displays the software interface.You continue to clickInstall Nowvà wait for the application installation process.

Log in khổng lồ post status Zalo on PC

Step 4:You cliông xã on theDiary(cloông chồng icon) lớn see your friends’ posts on Zalo, similar to lớn the phone & post status on Zalo on PC.On the diary page, you will see the words“How are you today”, this is the place for you to post a status here similar to that on your phone.

Now you compose nội dung lớn post Zalo right on your computer; you can add images or videos.In addition, you can also phối the privacy of the post (who can see, who can’t see) or tag friends when posting status.Finally, you press the post button in the upper right.

Note when posting status on Zalo with emulator software

You can post status writing Zalo on PC with phone emulator software.This application is suitable for people who often work on computers, vì chưng online business via Zalo… However, you need to lớn note some information after using Zalo on emulators:

Because using Zalo on phone emulator software is similar lớn you are using your phone, so when successfully logging in to the emulator, your phone will also automatically log out of Zalo.The pholớn posted by Zalo on the emulator is the pholớn in your Laptop/PC.In addition to lớn posting status / image / đoạn phim, you can edit the text color, phông of the status similar to zalo on the phone.You should update the emulator software to the lathử nghiệm version khổng lồ be able khổng lồ experience và post Zalo status faster.

How lớn use Zalo on PC lớn chat

You can use Zalo on PC to lớn chat withprofessionalZalo softwareprovided by Zalo itself, but this software does not tư vấn you to post status.


Relatively easy, right?With just a few simple steps, you can understvà how to lớn post status on Zalo on PC as simple as on your phone.In addition lớn the Bluestacks emulator, you can also choose khổng lồ add other software that is compatible with your device.Good luck!